Transform your Shopify store layout to RTL

Why RTL Master?

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Provide Localized Experience

Provide a much more personal experience to your clients, using the language and layout they are used to.

Use Shopify Original Themes

No need to use shady 3rd party themes anymore! We support Shopify's original trusted themes.

No Coding Or Translating

Don't worry about coding or manual translate, do what you do best and let us set the layout and translation for you.

Main Features

Theme Translation

Translate your theme texts to Hebrew/Arabic in one click

RTL Layout

Use the theme you like but with an RTL layout

Store Notifications

Translate and RTL the store notification emails that is sent to your customers

Hebrew/Arabic Fonts

Select and apply on your store a custom font from a wide choice of Google Fonts in Hebrew/Arabic

How Does It Work?

Choose The right plan for your business


Support all Shopify popular themes
$ 9
  • Transformation of theme and checkout layout to RTL
  • Translate all theme texts to Hebrew/Arabic
  • RTL Checkout​
  • Consistent code update with every theme update
  • Priority Email support
  • Custom fonts
  • Shopify’s notification translations and RTL


Support all Shopify popular themes​
$ 29
  • Transformation of theme and checkout layout to RTL
  • Translate all theme texts to Hebrew/Arabic
  • RTL Checkout​
  • Consistent code update with every theme update
  • Chat support
  • Custom fonts
  • Shopify’s notification translation and RTL
  • Custom CSS Editor for RTL Layout for 3rd party apps
  • Support Multi-Lingual stores with both RTL and LTR languages
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Optional - Custom installation by the support team

Supports All Shopify Popular Themes

Any Questions?

Don’t worry, the app works well with the new OS 2.0 changes and themes 🙂

If you’re using a 2.0 Theme, please don’t forget to allow the app in your theme. Find it in the customizer under Theme Settings > Apps.

No, the theme terms are fixed. For this purpose, we have prepared a translation file ready and adapted it to each theme.

RTL Master was created to help any RTL language store owners or those who sell to these countries.

The most common RTL Languages are Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu.

At the moment, our translation files are for Hebrew and Arabic only, but we are working on other languages as well.

Yes, of course!
All texts can be edited through Shopify’s built-in language editing interface.

In case the languages are all RTL, then our app will fit.

In case there are languages from both kinds (RTL/LTR), we provide this service as part of our ULTIMATE plan.

Yes! Navigate to the ‘Fonts’ tab and choose from the different fonts we offer.

The app offers a pre-made translation to all the texts that are available through the theme language editor.

If you are looking to create a multilingual store, you will need to use another app for translating the other texts in your store, such as product descriptions, blog posts, homepage texts etc…

We recommend using Translation Lab or Translate My Store, which both offer free plans, easy to use and works perfectly with our app.

Of course it does!
Navigate to the ‘Notifications’ tab and follow the instructions.

To keep the app function perfectly, we develop specific code customization to each theme while keeping up-to-date with every theme update.

Keeping our work at the highest level for each theme limit the number of themes we can support at the moment.

However, you are more than welcome to contact us and ask for new ones.

Of course!

When you subscribe to our app there is no limit of themes to be RTL’ed, just log in back to the app, choose the new theme and enable it again.

Only if you choose to work on the published theme.

The RTL and Font features can be used on any theme on your store, not just the live one.

This way, you can “Test” it and make sure you’re happy with the result.

Please note! 
Due to Shopify’s limitation, The translation feature can be used only on the Published theme.

stores Who chose RTL Master

App is super and support is amazing! Very responsive team. They solved all our issues. I highly recommend this app especially for RTL on advance Themes.


After years of paying a lot of money for RTL + translation finally there is a great solution! Simple app that does the job in seconds with great customer support! Highly recommended


I use the app for my store and it’s a great app for RTL to translate my store into the Arabic language Also the support team is very helpful good job keep it up.


Time To Make Things Right!

"9 out of 10 Internet users said that whenever given a choice, they preferred to visit a website in their own language."
"80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that provides a personalized experience. and one of the best ways to personalize content is to customize it based on the user's location."